Islam and Science

  • Muslim Science. Website managed by an editorial team, which is lead by an editorial committee. A distinguished advisory board of science and innovation leaders from across the Islamic World and elsewhere provides guidance and advice. [Website]
  • Islam and Science. An educational approach. [Website] [YouTube Channel]
  • SciDevNet. Bringing science and development together through original news and analysis. [Website]
  • Scientific Saudi [Website]
  • Nature Middle East. Emerging science in the Arab world. [Website]
  • Science and Islam Video Portal. [Website]
    This portal provides easy access to internet videos that address some aspect of both Islam and the natural sciences. Every video in the portal has been evaluated for its use and application of scientific information, Islamic interpretations, and historical accuracy, which are represented through symbols.

Reports and Studies

  • UNESCO Science Report 2010. The Current Status of Science around the World. [PDF]
  • UNESCO Science Report, Toward 2030. [PDF]
  • UNESCO Science Report, Toward 2030. Figure 17.10: Scientific publication trends in the Arab States, 2005–2014. [PDF]
  • Science at the Universities of the Muslim World. [PDF]
  • Atlas of Islamic World Science and Innovation (AIWSI). [Website] Atlas of Islamic-World Science and Innovation (AIWSI) is an international project that aims to provide an insightful overview of science and science-based innovation across the Islamic-world, an independent and authoritative assessment of how these capabilities are changing, and analysis of the opportunities and barriers to further progress across the selected fifteen countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. It does not aspire to be a comprehensive analysis of every sector, but -maps key trends from which policymakers, universities, business leaders and other stakeholders will be able to drill down into more detail. The aim is to produce country case studies of 15 Islamic countries. So far the site lists four completed country cases: Malaysia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia. [Reports]
  • Evolution in Biology Textbooks: A Comparative Analysis of 5 Muslim Countries. Study by Anila Asghar, Salman Hameed & Najme Kishani Farahani. [PDF]
  • Making sense of Islamic creationism in Europe. Study by Salman Hameed. [PDF]



  • A rebirth of science in Islamic countries? Article by Andrew Plum, 2011. Article explaining the research production and contribution of Islamic countries such as Iran and Iraq after the Islamic golden age what countries are producing more scientific papers nowadays. [Article]
  • Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC): Evaluating Scholary Journals Based on Citation Analysis. Article that talks about  what is The Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC) and its databases and try to give a clear view about its products. [Article]
  • The Contemporary Debate on the Harmony between Islam and Science: Emergence and Challenges of a New Generation, article by Stefano Bigliardi. In this article the author talks about Stenberg’s ideas about the harmony between Islam and science and the debates around it and then, drawing on Stenberg’s study, he argues that we can identify the emergence of a “new generation” of authors considering conceptual shifts at work in some contemporary authors. [Article]
  • God and Evolution: Easier For Muslims Than Christians? (Nov. 30, 2012). [Article].
  • Debate on Islam and evolution has to be called off after revolt by student societies. Muslim opposition highlights growing influence of creationism and literalist interpretations of the Koran. Independent, 14. December 2012. [Article]
  • Islam’s Darwin problem. In the Muslim world, creationism is on the rise., 25. October 2009. [Article]


  • Perspectives on Islam and Evolution (Video) [Video]. Highlights from a panel held at Boston University in 2012. Featuring Dr. Salman Halmeed of Hampshire College, Dr. Ehab Abouheif of McGill University, Dr. Rana Dajani of Hashemite University, and Dr. Omar Sultan Haque of Harvard University. Presented by the American Islamic Congress and Project Nur, with support from the John Templeton Foundation.
  • Have Muslims Misunderstood Evolution? The first ‘Diaolgue with Islam’ event at the Deen Institute, 2013 [Video].
  • Bridging Islam and Evolution. McGill Symposium on Islam and Evolution, 2009 [Video].
  • Darwin and Evolution in the Muslim World. Ehab Abouheif & Taner Edis on Evolution and Islam. Hampshire College, 2009 [Video] and Q&A Panel Discussion [Video].