Science Teaching in Islamic Societies

Workshop: “Scientific and Rationalist Traditions in Muslim India”. MCIS workshop, co-organized by Asad Q. Ahmed (University of California Berkeley), F. Jamil Ragep (McGill University), and Sally P. Ragep (McGill University) as part of a SSHRC-sponsored Partnership Development Research Program entitled “Science Teaching in Pre-Modern Islamic Societies.” University of California, Berkeley, 22 Oct 2016.

Workshop: “Working with ISMI: Scholars Take Stock of a New Tool”, 29 February-1 March 2016, a 2-day workshop at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin [MPIWG]. The purpose of the workshop was to evaluate the Islamic Scientific manuscripts Initiative (ISMI) database, discuss enhancements, consider extensions of the database into different research areas, and discuss various research possibilities.  The workshop was co-organized by Lorraine Daston (MPIWG), Jamil Ragep (McGill University), and Sally Ragep (McGill University), and funded by the MPIWG as part of a collaborative effort between the MPIWG and McGill in conjunction with a SSHRC Partnership Development Program.

Workshop: “Science Teaching in Contemporary Islamic Societies”, McGill University, Oct. 22-24, 2015 (part of a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant).