Scientific and Rationalist Traditions in Muslim India

University of California, Berkeley 22 Oct 2016

This MCIS workshop was co-organized by Asad Q. Ahmed (University of California Berkeley), F. Jamil Ragep (McGill University), and Sally P. Ragep (McGill University) as part of a SSHRC-sponsored Partnership Development Research Program entitled “Science Teaching in Pre-Modern Islamic Societies.”

CHAIR: Asad Q. Ahmed (University of California Berkeley)


F. Jamil Ragep (McGill University): Overview of the Project
Kim Plofker (Union College): Sanskrit and Islamic Rationalist Thought in Indian Astronomy
Eva Orthmann (University of Bonn): Astronomy, Astrology, and Translation: Varahamira’s Samhita in Persian


Sally P. Ragep (McGill University): Situating Jaghmini’s Qanuncha: A Prequel for Exploring Its Influence in South Asia
Fabrizio Speziale (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3): Colonial Readers of Indo-Persian Scientific Texts
Muhammad Faruque (University of Berkeley): Sufism and Philosophical Discourse: Shah Waliallah on the Problem of Wahdat al-Wujud
Shankar Nair (University of Virginia): Wujud vs. Shuhud or Wujud vs. Wujud? Philosophical Schools and Scholarly Networks in Early Modern Muslim India