Forthcoming ISSR Conferences


ISSR Sessions at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion

18-19 November 2016 in San Antonio, Texas

ISSR is offering at least three sessions featuring new research in science and religion and held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion.  The ISSR sessions begin on Friday afternoon, 18 November, and continue through Saturday afternoon on the 19th.  Details about the ISSR sessions will be posted to as they become available, probably by mid-July.  There is no cost to attend ISSR-sponsored  events.

Interested persons are encouraged to participate in other events offered directly through the American Academy of Religion, including many sessions related to science and technology.  In cooperation with other groups, the ISSR is cosponsoring a Science and Religion Reception, to be held on Saturday evening.  Please note that attendance at AAR events requires registration.  For details on schedule and registration, please see


IX Latin-American Conference on Science and Religion

8-10 February 2017 in Mexico

ISSR will be joining the The Centro de Estudios en Ciencia y Religión (CECIR), at the Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) (, Puebla, Mexico and the Fundación DECYR  (, La Plata, Argentina to co-organise the IX Latin American Conference on Science and Religion. The conference will be held in Mexico.

The theme reflects the importance of promoting the dialogue between science and religion, not only among specialists but within public opinion and the different national education systems. The time is now ripe to focus on the educational and cultural debates about science and religion in Latin America, as as in other regions of the world. Besides many new initiatives on science and religion throughout the region at the different educational levels, we hope to promote the inclusion of science within seminaries.

There will be a three-day conference, with two plenary lectures each day, one (or two) simultaneous panel discussion in the mornings, and several sets of simultaneous contributed papers. The major topics will be:

  • education on science and religion: from research to the classroom;
  • the social function of the dialogue between science and religion;
  • the big questions surrounding the epistemology, methodology, and history of science and religion.

The main languages of the conference will be Spanish and English, but will also include Portuguese and other languages. The plenary speakers will include Professor Michael Reiss, President of ISSR. Further details will be available shortly.


Joint Conference on Biology and Religion

Organised with the Ian Ramsey Centre on Science and Religion

19-22 July 2017 at St Anne’s College Oxford


ISSR is joining the Ian Ramsey Centre in Oxford in organising their annual summer conference in 2017, beginning on the evening of Wednesday 19th July and ending with breakfast on Sunday 22nd July.

Biological approaches to religion have been an important growth area recently, an area that is a major focus of current ISSR research initiatives. Topics covered in the conference will include

  • philosophical and religious implications of the current movement towards a more contextual, systemic, holistic biology;
  • effects of different approaches to school biology teaching on the perceievd relationship between science and religion;
  • implications for the evolution and function of religion of the social brain approach to human evolution.

Plenary speakers will include Professors Robin Dunbar, Ottolline Leyser, Michael Reiss and Michael Ruse.  In addition to invited plenary speakers papers relevant to the conference theme will be invited. Further details will be available shortly.




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